The Gorilla Talks!

This website is a web resource about the gorillas, with the attempt to bring together gorilla tourism and gorilla conservation. If we search across the web information about gorillas or about the national parks which are their natural habitat, we find a lot of “commercial” information, sometimes even improper. We therefore decided to create a new web resource which is focusing on proper information and also bringing awareness about the perspectives of the future of the gorillas. The inspiration of naming this website “The gorillas talks!” comes from one of the most interesting movies about primates, the 2011 “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” directed by Rupert Wyatt. The gorillas are innocent and vulnerable also because they do not talk. If they could only talk, they would actually comment on what was their suffering due to bad human beings, as well as commenting on good behaviors of other human beings and even reporting what is happening every day during the gorilla tourism exercise. Gorilla tourism is not commercial: it is about the gorillas; it is about respecting them and giving them a chance to talk. The gorilla talks!